PMMI Specializes in Precision Machined Components & Assemblies for the
ORTHOPEDIC, Medical, Aerospace and Commercial Manufacturing Industries

CNC Machining ServicesCNC
Machining Services
Swiss Machining ServicesSwiss
Machining Services
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) ServicesElectrical Discharge
Machining (EDM) Services

Making Your Concepts Real™ - WE GO BEYOND THE BLUEPRINT

PMMI can deliver product on a customer managed inventory basis:

  • Maintain stock levels of popular/high traffic items.
  • Expedite prototypes.
  • Adjust production to address spikes in demand.

We regularly partner on new projects and prototypes with our customers that require close cooperation to achieve the ultimate results. PMMI flawlessly handles these collaborative projects which sometimes entail changes in design, manufacturing processes and functional testing in order to reach the desired outcome.


Plastics Machining of a Surgical PositionerPlastics Machining of a
Surgical Positioner
Custom Manufacturing of a Medical DeviceCustom Manufacturing
of a Medical Device
Machining, Assembly, Welding & Overmolding of a TKR InstrumentMachining, Assembly,
Welding & Overmolding of
a TKR Instrument
Machining & Assembly of an Aerospace HousingMachining & Assembly
of an Aerospace Housing
Machining & Welding of a Tissue ElevatorMachining & Welding
of a Tissue Elevator
Implants Change the LIfe of Triumph the Rescue DogImplants Change the
LIfe of Triumph the
Rescue Dog