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Implants Change the Life of Triumph the Rescue Dog

At Precision Metal Machining, Inc., our precision machined parts can be found in a wide variety of applications that improve the lives of not only humans, but animals as well. For this project, we partnered with BioMedtrix, a pioneer in the design and development of veterinary implants and prosthetics, to produce custom designed veterinary prosthetics. BioMedtrix had been working with a veterinary specialist out of Colorado to develop a set of custom permanent prosthetic legs for a Siberian Husky named Triumph. Triumph had been abused and left along a roadside in Turkey before being rescued by an animal shelter in Memphis, Tennessee, and subsequently adopted by a family from Nashville. As a result of our reputation for providing complex, precision machined components and strong ties to the medical community, BioMedtrix contacted us regarding the manufacturing of their new prosthetic design. The body of the prosthetic is constructed of tantalum with an 87% porosity, which provided the optimal material for bone growth and durability. The shell of the prosthetic is encased in machined titanium to provide a lightweight armor for the porous tantalum core.

Although we are very adept at production work, we excel in developing innovative machining and fabrication solutions for new manufacturing challenges. This project not only demonstrates our ability to work with geographically diverse customers to solve unique engineering challenges, it demonstrates the real value of our work. By employing the newest machining and manufacturing technologies, we are able to continually push the envelope of what is possible. At the time of this project, Triumph was the first canine to be fitted with permanent prosthetics, and our team at PMMI is proud to have paved the way for additional applications of this technology. For additional details regarding this custom precision machining project, contact us directly.


Triumph the Rescue Dog

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